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Add a photo to a Photo wall

Have you got a good photo of Moss Side life to share? Use the form below. Give your photo a title. Select a ‘Category’ to determine where it will go. Upload it. That’s it!  (Please follow the Essential tips on photos below.)

Publicise an Event / What’s on

Are you organising an event? Publicise it on the What’s On page! Same as above, but add some information about the event in the ‘Content’ box. Tip: put date, time + place in the first sentence so they are visible on the What’s On page.

Add any other post…

Are you a local organisation, or residents organising a project, or just have something interesting to write about? Look at other posts for inspiration. The process is the same as above, but choose the ‘Other posts’ category. You write your post in the Content box. If it’s not obvious where your post should go on the site, write e.g. “For the Music page” at the start of your content. See the Essential tips below.

Alternatively you can post by email. (It does require you to copy+paste a couple of bits of code which you may already recognise.) It is a useful way if you want to include more than one image, or if you just prefer email. Our PDF guide will appear here when you are logged in.

Essential tips…

Avoid words in pictures: Please don’t rely on people reading words in an image. Screen readers cannot read them, and nor can Google. Words need to be typed in your title and content.

Accessibility: To enable visually impaired people to know what an image shows, please include a couple of words at the end of the content to describe what it shows, including the copyright if applicable – eg: Photo: Cycling in Alexandra park (c) Aysha Peters

Photos + people: If you post a copyright professional image or photo, then you must have, and keep, the licence to use it. If you post your own photo, and it includes people, then out of courtesy and to avoid doubt, you must have, and keep, the emailed/written permission of each person who can be recognised. (Also in Terms & Conditions.)

Prepare your content: It’s best not to write valuable stuff first hand in the box – you may time out and lose it. Write it and save it on your computer first, simply in plain text. Check it and keep a copy. Just copy it and paste it into the content box below. Then format your headings.

Make it readable: Remember to write in short sentences and short paragraphs so it is readable on a phone. Your title will be cut to two short lines in the listings, so check it makes sense.

Choose your title: Think too about the people in Moss Side and beyond who you want to find your post: what do they want that your post provides? Be specific. Use the key words that interest them and which they may search, in your title and again in your first sentence, so people and Google see this is what your post is about.

Headings: Use the key words in your headings too. Select Heading 2, Heading 3 and Heading 4 only for your headings. (Heading 1 is your title).

Link from your post: If you include links from your post, you will enable your readers to read more, and enable Google to see how it connects. If you refer to something, link to it. If your readers would find it useful to read more, link to it. But always check the destination first. To add a link, select the relevant words, then click on the chain symbol above, paste in the URL of the destination page, and click the arrow to apply. (Don’t select ‘open in a new tab’.)

Link to your post: Finally, when your post is published share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, or link to it from another website. Get others to do so too. Then people elsewhere will find it, Google may find it sooner, and Google will know it’s worth listing in searches. (You will receive an email when it’s published.)

If you can do all that, you’ve become an expert!

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