Mind yer car Mr

Painting – Mind yer car Mr

Mind your car Mr, is a cityscape depiction of Friends and myself that used to look after cars for the fans during a Manchester City Game in Moss Side. We used to earn our pocket money by minding the cars until half time. Man City used to open the gates to allow the kids to watch the second half of the game. we used to buy sweets, Jubleys and fireworks, we had great fun setting them off.

The street that I used to mind cars on was Cowesby Street in Moss Side, I would often get in to fights but this was my patch. One time an Asian Lad spat in my face for no reason, I snapped and began to fight him and was beating him when Ricky pulled me away and the Asian Lad ran off. I looked down at my right hand and it was bleeding from a cut, Ricky told me that he pulled a knife on me.

Painted in Acrylic and Ink using the croquis method to give movement to the characters.

One of eleven paintings of Moss Side past by me, Andrew Alan Matthews. Signed limited edition prints available.

Story and video – Mind yer car Mr

Mind yer car mr       Boy did we miss ya Kids hustlin on the street      Guarding your patch  Mind yer car mr      we used to shout  On match day in the moss     People getting cross Fans are crowdin   fussin and cussin Police on horseback Movin the crowd shoutin out loud Mind yer car mr for A penny or two   On cue for sweets and treets   on the streets  Yeah Black jacks, space invader crisps  flying saucers midget gems,  jubleys bubblies bangers galore we new the score  football cards you flicked at the wall what a ball  Then comes half time   run to main road  Man City opens the gates for the kids  Runnin down tunnels getting into troubles Watchin the game for free with glee  Kippax end with a friend I wont bend Yeah mind yer car mr     boy did we miss ya

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