Street Football in the Moss

Painting – Street Football in Moss Side

Street Football is a depiction of friends and I that used to play on the streets of Moss Side in the 1970s and 1980s. We used to play kerby, keepy uppy, Kick can, knock and run, making wooden bogies and riding our bikes up and down terraced streets. this scene is of caythorpe Street where my friend Mark Egerton had a green grocery shop. We played on the streets from dawn till dusk.

Painted in Acrylic and Ink and pallet knife using the croquis method to give movement to the characters. Impressionistic Urban Cityscape.

One of eleven paintings of Moss Side past by me, Andrew Alan Matthews. Signed limited edition prints available.

Story and video – Street Football in Moss Side

Street Football in the Moss We used to play on the streets from dawn till dusk It was a must In The 70s and 80s it was the latest and greatest Like the eye of the tiger thrill of the fight  Playin Kerby, keepy uppy, kick can knock and run It was lots of fun Mind yer car mr and boy did we miss ya Yeah street football  kids on the streets used to play all day  Messin around and havin fun Sayin  Im pele      Well      im maradonna Im gonna be the best          Better than the rest  Playin in me vest The kids didn’t rest Yeah Street football    Kerby     keepy uppy  Aint No yuppy       feelin lucky  Yeah street football in the moss  it was boss

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