The Den in the Moss

Painting – The Den in The Moss

The Den is a depiction of when friends and I used to make dens out of old air raid shelters and derelict houses in Moss Side, we had these hideaways to avoid bullying gangs in Moss Side, it was exciting and we always had escape routes worked out, often leading from dangerous derelict unsafe buildings. This was a way of life for kids in Moss Side in the 1970s and 1980s.

Painted in Acrylic and Ink using the croquis method for the characters to show movements. Urban cityscape.

One of eleven paintings of Moss Side past by me, Andrew Alan Matthews. Signed limited edition prints available.

Story and video – The Den in the Moss

The Den in the moss  Air raid shelters they were belters  Old derelict houses  Wore holy trousers  What howlers  Yeah we had hideaways  From bullying gangs  escape routes worked out  yeah dangerous Derelict houses We didn’t wear blouses  Yeah Live wires and leaking pipes  danger in every corner we didn’t care  it’s a dare     stop and look and stare  yeah kids of the 70s and 80s  in the moss it was boss a way of life  no trouble and strife we had a life  yeah the den in the moss it was boss

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