Winter window lights in Boscombe St.

With its winter window lights, Boscombe St. returns as Moss Side’s favourite free winter gallery.

Families have made lighted windows along the street to celebrate winter. Open every evening 6-9pm, until Dec 12.

With these lovely winter window lights, the residents of Boscombe St. have again created a winter gallery in Moss Side.

This year, like previous years, households have made cutouts with lights to make each window unique and festive. It is about celebrating winter, and making the most of our long dark winter evenings. The decorations are up and the lights are on every evening 6-9pm until Dec 12, but best to come by 8pm if you can.

The materials for the displays were funded by Buzz Manchester Health and Wellbeing Service, which has other events running in and around Moss Side.

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