“Moss Side Climate Change Summit”

Manchester City Council have called it the “Moss Side Climate Change Summit”.

The leaflet says: “Please join us to celebrate successes. Share ideas, make new connections/ collaborations. Guest speakers, stalls and more. Together we can…”

Thursday 21st October.
@ Moss Side Powerhouse
Raby St M14 4SL
4 pm – 6 pm
Doors open @3.30 pm

“Green goody bags and giveaways… Refreshments provided…”

For more information or to book yourself on the event email or call MCC officers:

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1 thought on ““Moss Side Climate Change Summit””

  1. update from the council on the climate change summit above


    Moss Side Neighbourhood team with plants and bulbs as giveaways from Hulme Garden Centre and hopefully a big map where people may want to put notes/thoughts on
    In Our Nature including lovely things from the shop in the city centre (I think this will look great) with giveaways
    Biffa Recycling Team
    All the Housing Providers (HPs) including a van showcasing MSV sustainable homes work (this sounds fascinating). This helps showcase all the work HPs are doing and have planned around climate change
    Sow the City
    University of Manchester
    Manchester Climate Change Agency

    Sow the City are providing bug hotels, bird boxes that we can raffle too 🙂

    From the notes from the last summit 18+ months ago, the ideas have been written up and put into themes which will be printed out and put on tables. These could inspire discussion and action from organisations and people attending.

    Agenda/ running order:
    14:30 – Stall arrivals and set up
    15:30 – Participants arriving
    16:00 – A quick health and safety from myself/rob (fire alarm etc) and introduce:
    16:10 – Welcome from Moss Side Councillors outlining the purpose of the evening (especially showcasing all the great moss side work)
    16:20 – Lisa Davenport, describing the Powerhouse, their plans, links to Rec Park. Some great things here
    16:30 – Moss Side Eco Squad showcase/celebration
    16:50 – questions from presentation/thoughts so far
    17:00 – Open up to the room for conversation. What are the small things which people want to share, or what they would like to see more of? What’s the medium term (1-3 years) and longer term (3+ years) that they would like to see and by whom?
    17:45 – Check out the stalls some more, have more conversations
    18:00 – Close with next steps (we are populating the ward climate change plan which we can share – its also going on the MCC website)

    Moss Side Neighbourhood Team will continue to do work on:
    The wildflower planting programme which was invested so much by the Housing Providers
    My Wild Moss side,
    Work with schools,
    Trialling nature-based solutions,
    Supporting resident led active travel work, alleyway greening, work in parks
    Supporting tree planting
    We will do everything we can to collaborate with residents and organisations for them to set up Moss Side working groups/climate change campaigns.

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