About Upping It

Helping neighbours and neighbourhoods in Moss Side to clean, green, be creative with, and enjoy their alleys together.

Working together to reduce fly‑tipping and rubbish, increase recycling, and improve our environment.

A Moss Side alley with planters
Painted door, bright blue
Wall planters
Moss Side white lilies

Restoring civic pride in the Edwardian streets and alleys of Moss Side.

Restoring local belief in what communities can do together.

Tonne bag left in alley
The challenges of cleaning and greening the environment in Moss Side: with a tonne bag of rubble dumped by a builder, residents had to wait for 3 months for Manchester City Council to remove it.
Builder mess in alley
After a small group of neighbours clean the alley with spades and brushes, another builder stores and dumps their materials.
New planters in alley
The cleaned alley with a few new planters and new plants.  The residents have taken control and it is now worth litter picking.
Lush plants in alley
After greening the alley, the transformation continues year by year.  Here in a Moss Side alley, a mix of mature perennials develops in the 2nd and 3rd years.
Alley greening in progress
Building planters
Young plants in the planter

Why clean and green your alley?

  • Discourage fly-tippers by builders and outsiders
  • Discourage locals from putting rubbish on the ground
  • Encourage recycling to control waste and reduce costs
  • Restore pride and a sense of community
  • Meet and work with your neighbours
  • Create an area you feel proud to live in.
Moss Side District Council printed on a drain cover
Moss Side District Council printed on a drain cover
Before and after alley cleaning
Before and after alley cleaning

These photos before and after are from the Horton & Thornton Roads Alley. Collaborative cleaning was on a Sunday in May. As you can see, there is lots of moss between the cobbles in Moss Side, so they are hard work!  Image posted on Facebook by Ishbel.

How to clean and green your alley?

  1. Walk around other streets and alleys to get inspiration.
  2. Start by regularly reporting rubbish to the council, to keep the alley clear of rubbish and increase local morale.  Take a few photos now, so you can compare later.
  3. Talk with your neighbours, so that you can together feel inspired to change things. Get at least 6 people interested in the practical work, in at least 4 different houses.
  4. Speak to us about producing a leaflet with you.
  5. Deliver it door to door to your neighbours, talking with them, to build local interest to clean and green the alley.  Find out some good times in the coming weeks to do it together.  Get their mobile numbers so you can text them to change or confirm.
  6. If you want us to help, check the date and time with us first.

On the day we’ll bring litter-pickers, spades, helpers and a wheelbarrow. Plus (depending on funding) some pots, compost and plants.

Contact Upping It if you are inspired to clean and green your alley

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