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This is where you can request we delete your details, and therefore your posts and events, from the MossSideStory website. Complete the form below.

If you registered through Google or Facebook, then we only have the full name and email address that you provided to them, plus a username created automatically. Your display name is your first name. Password authorisation is handled by them.

Facebook: If you first logged in using your Facebook account, you will have received an email the same day from Facebook, with the title “You logged in to Moss Side Story with Facebook”. It contains a useful link to Edit Settings in your Facebook account, including to remove your authorisation for MossSideStory and other sites. You can also use this form.

Google: lf you first logged in using your Google account, you can remove your authorisation for MossSideStory and other sites. Use these instructions. You can also use this form.

What details does MossSideStory hold?

MossSideStory only keeps a record of your full name, display name, email address and username, exactly as you entered when you registered. Your password is stored, but only visible to you. You can view these at any time, when you are logged in, using the green ‘Edit Post’ link.

In other words, unlike Facebook, we do not record your birthday, your friends, your recent interests or your location! Similarly, we do not use Google’s tracking of how people come to the site, what they have searched, or what pages they visit.

If you are concerned about your name on your MossSideStory posts, you can change your display name at any time. You can also edit or delete your posts at any time. To do so, log in and click the green ‘Edit Post’ button.

If you still want us to delete your details, use the form below.

General advice

If you are concerned about your data, and being targeted by adverts and politics, then be wary of the information you give to social media providers, and be wary of using their easy social login on websites. It is worth opting out of the non-essential cookies too on many sites. You can also use a VPN. Here our focus is simply on ensuring that MossSideStory is secure.

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