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  • <p>The Resource Centre includes hundreds of books on the history of race, migration and ethnicity, as well as documents, leaflets, posters, photographs and ephemera donated by BAME communities across Greater Manchester. </p> <p>The Education Trust offers training to community groups with an interest in producing archive-quality research materials, and help with project planning, workshops, and exhibition space. www.RaceArchive.org.uk/<br /> Lower Ground Floor, Manchester Central Library, St Peter’s Square.</p>
  • <p>The Carribean & African Health Network is a Black-led organisation set up to address the wider social determinants to eradicate health disparities for Caribbean & African people in the UK. We work with the Black community and cross-sector organisations to build community resilience, relationships, and a social movement to improve health outcomes for Black people. Tel: 07853 556 591</p>
  • <p>A resident organised group who enjoy an hour a month outside together, and want our streets to look good. Join us on any Saturday - see the calendar. Find us on MossSideStory.uk under Actions & Projects.</p>
  • <p>If you enjoy being outside in the beautiful park, then Friends of Platt Fields have lots of projects you can help with. There are weekly gardening projects in the Shakespearean garden and Platt Hall garden, and larger monthly projects across Platt Fields. If you enjoy doing practical things outside, join us.<br /> FriendsofPlattFields.org</p>
  • <p>GMP will continually strive to fight, prevent and reduce crime and harm and keep people safe so that Greater Manchester can be a safer and welcoming place in which to live, work, learn and visit.</p>
  • <p>Manchester Adult Education: "Our courses will help you to benefit from Manchester’s employment and social opportunities. Our courses for speakers of other languages will help you to integrate more fully into your communities." Greenheys: 0161 254 7314</p>
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  • <p>Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) run Platt Fields Market Garden (PFMG) as a community market garden, part of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) network. We offer a Veg Box Subscription service, sell produce, supply local restaurants and develop our own fruit, herb and vegetable based products.</p> <p>​Everything we do revolves around food, community and wellbeing. As well as producing wonderful vegetables grown with organic techniques, we provide a space for a whole host of other activities and events throughout the year.</p>
  • <p>‘Empowering Young People to achieve their potential’</p> <p>Powerhouse is a registered charity based in Moss side Manchester and has been in existence since the year 2000. We are a Multi Service Youth Hub for central Manchester and home to a range of services for Young People which include; Mental health, Careers advice and guidance, specialist programmes for young people 16-19 who are NEET. We have a Library for Young People, Sports sessions, Arts & Crafts, Youth Club, Music and Drama sessions.</p> <p>We have meeting/training rooms, a sports hall, Dance studio, Music studio. We provide a space for young people to feel comfortable with a wide range of services under one roof.</p> <p>We work with a range of partners to ensure we have something for everyone!</p>
  • <p>We are a small group of residents living in the East side of Moss Side, individually creating projects connected with our own streets, neighbours and groups. We needed something where a focus on the Climate Emergency is central to our activity. We have joined together to try to multiply the effects and involve more people across and around Moss Side.</p> <p>What unites our different groups is a strong determination to use our skills, experience and contacts to encourage ourselves and others in the ward to do practical things to reduce our carbon emissions, and improve our living environments.</p>
  • <p>Odd Arts uses theatre to challenge inequalities & increase opportunities for people facing the greatest level of discrimination & disadvantage. We work in three ways: Therapeutic theatre workshops to reduce risk; Interactive theatre tours to empower & educate; Creative & community led social action projects to overcome inequalities.<br /> 0161 226 4335</p>
  • <p>The PCRA is a residents’ group in Moss Side. Our aims are to support local people to improve our neighbourhood. We pick up problems and issues faced by residents across the area, to deal with them together, and when necessary to pass them on to the appropriate officers to find solutions. We work closely with neighbourhood officers from the ward and with our elected Moss Side Councillors. We also co-run a number of projects across our area. </p>
  • <p>Creating a place for creative making spaces and activities. Skills development and sharing, with an emphasis on life skills, sustainability and repair, but also domestic crafts and hand-making. </p>
  • <p>Live music venue specialising in Jamaican and Reggae events. 07821 028 421</p>
  • <p>Just to the north of Moss Side, "the RNCM exists to educate and train musicians to the highest level in an environment that is musically and creatively stimulating and rich in opportunity; it is focused on nurturing and developing students‚Äô capacity to innovate, to inspire others and to be musical leaders of the future."</p>
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  • <p>Skate Manchester is a non-profit community interest company (CIC) founded by skaters, for skaters. Our mission is to promote and develop skateboarding in Manchester through collective organising.</p>
  • <p>Stitched Up travels across Greater Manchester delivering activities based around sewing, clothes repair, upcycling and sustainable fashion.</p> <p>• Workshops and courses<br /> • Talks and demonstrations<br /> • Bespoke activities for schools, charities and other organisations<br /> • Collaborative projects on sustainable fashion, sewing, upcycling and wellbeing<br /> • Employer Supported Volunteering<br /> • Work placements<br /> • Textile reuse.</p> <p>All members of our team come from an arts background and are skilled makers in their own right, specifically in fashion design, sewing, upcycling and knitting.</p> <p>Environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do – all the materials we use in our workshops have been diverted from landfill.</p> <p>Contact Stitched Up using the links below, or 0161 881 7141</p>
  • <p>Understanding sustainable consumption requires focus on how people live, how they acquire, appreciate, use and dispose of goods and services, and how innovations can promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.</p> <p>In challenging orthodox thinking, our researchers undertake interdisciplinary social scientific analysis of the processes of production and consumption, within a diverse range of scales and contexts. We actively engage with businesses, policy-makers and civil society organisations, striving to inform wider public debate.</p>
  • <p>The Bike Hive is a community bike project run by volunteers, based in Alexandra Park. We support a growing number of people from across the local area to ride, recycle, build, repair and have fun with bikes. </p> <p>We provide the equipment, resources and qualified cycle instructors and mechanics. We have a voluntary committee of dedicated local people who oversee the project and act as guardians of the group's mission and finances. Anyone can become a member of the group and there is no cost. </p> <p>There are lots of inspiring photos on our website (link below).</p>
  • <p>A community library and resource centre run in partnership between the local community, One Manchester and Manchester City Council.</p> <p>The Place at Platt Lane<br /> (Fallowfield Library)<br /> Platt Lane, M14 7FB</p> <p>0161 227 3744</p>
  • <p>"The gallery is driven by a mission to work with communities to use art for positive social change, and actively address what matters most in people's lives". </p> <p>www.Whitworth.Manchester.ac.uk/</p>


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  • <p>"At Trinity House our mission is to provide a centre for the community to benefit children, young people, parents and carers by means of education, training, personal development and recreation."</p>
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  • <p>Helping neighbours and neighbourhoods in Moss Side to clean, green, be creative with, and enjoy their alleys together. Working together to reduce fly‑tipping and rubbish, increase recycling, and improve our environment.</p>

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