Residents parking scheme

The new residents parking scheme in East Moss Side is due to start this November (2023), and we are hoping to see some real improvements for residents, pedestrians, local car owners and businesses…

There have been moves towards having a residents parking scheme in the East of Moss Side for several years. We suffer from 2 major issues: (1) several of our streets are right up against the curry mile (Wilmslow Rd) and are regularly blocked with hundreds of cars coming nightly to the takeaways and restaurants (2) many drivers are workers at the hospitals or the universities – they come in droves and park on the streets near Whitworth park and either walk or bus further up Oxford Rd.

Both these cause major problems for residents whether by day or night. People frequently park dangerously across double yellow lines, or right over the pavement, or they double park. So we are really hoping that the new parking scheme will see some improvements….

It is due to start this November I understand and preparations are being made already. I am fascinated by some of the preparations – hence why I am writing!

Moss Side car parking scheme 2023

A number of streets have had road marking ‘parking dots’ placed along their length and a parking restriction notice has been erected at the end (there are several different restrictions possible). These ‘dots’ are very intriguing – when they were first done, everyone initially continued to park across the pavement but gradually they are now filling the space given by the dots. This is excellent – people can now walk safely along the pavement with pushchairs and wheelchairs; and the road width is much less so cars have to wait for each other at times to pass – ie slowing right down. Gradually more dots are being added, so I hope that this continues.

The next job will be to register all residents with cars, so they can continue to park near where they live. Then it “goes live”.

Doubtless there will be lots of teething problems but the biggest concern I have is that the traffic wardens really will be proactive and visible on the streets up til midnight (some closures are 7am – midnight) so that drivers take this seriously. One of the suggestions I have made to councillors is that the land formerly occupied by Hardys Well pub (😥) might be used as overspill parking while the scheme settles in. I’ve heard nothing back about that Watch this space / let’s hope the council have planned this right!!

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