Privacy policy, Terms & conditions

In creating this website, we have deliberately sought to minimise the recording of personal data. We have avoided the usual trackers, including Google reCaptcha and Google Analytics, that operate on most websites. We are not marketing anything, beyond wanting this website to be seen and used.

We have therefore simply included the functional elements and cookies that enable you to log in and complete other tasks, and which ensure the security of the website. Without them, the website could not function, or function safely. Hence we simply ask for an ‘OK’ before you use the site, rather than the usual options.

Nevertheless, like every website now, we must formally require you to read and agree a Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions to use the site. We have therefore tried to make them as brief, readable and common-sense as possible.

Some elements of the Privacy policy and the Terms & Conditions below inevitably overlap.  In order to avoid repetition, the two documents have been written to be read together. 

Terms & conditions

The Terms & Conditions clarify requirements and expectations, and contain important disclaimers. So they protect the website, your use of it, the post authors and the volunteer team who administer it.

The Terms & conditions can be read as a pdf file using the link below.

Last updated 24th November 2021 v1.3

Written for this site using UK Government T&Cs as a template.

Privacy policy

The Privacy policy sets out the ways in which the website collects user data to function, and how we minimise and secure the data, and how you can see, secure, edit and delete your data.

The Privacy policy can be read as a pdf file using the link below:

Last updated 6th April 2022 v1.4

Written for this site using the WordPress Privacy Policy template.

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