Maine Place Residents Association

About the MPRA

Maine Place Residents Association (PCRA) is a residents’ association for the Maine Place Estate in Moss Side.

We work with residents in the local area to maintain and improve the neighbourhood and encourage community cohesion. MPRA members live in the Maine Place Estate which was build on the grounds of the old Manchester City Stadium when it was in Moss Side.

What does the MPRA do?

We engage with local residents to understand what is important to them and support them in realising their ideas and suggestions for the area. This includes maintenance issues which are reported to the Maine Place Management Company, events that bring local residents together, improvements to green spaces, and advice and signposting to local services and amenities such as how to recycle, how to contact our local councillors, and where to report fly tipping.

Why are Residents’ Associations important?

Residents’ associations can help to link people living in the same geographical area. RAs help to keep us all connected and working together as we push for improvements. As always, we are stronger and more effective together.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with MPRA or the Maine Place Management Company, please use the form below.

If you are a resident of the Maine Place Estate, please join us on the MPRA Facebook Page.

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