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The Platt Claremont Residents Association’s April Newsletter is below, with details of our upcoming Annual General Meeting which will be held on the 23rd of April.

Please come along if you are able to. You’ll get the chance to meet your neighbours and be a part of voicing your opinions and concerns of what’s happening in the area.

We’re sorry if you didn’t receive a physical copy through your letterbox.  However you can see below:

  • the full Newsletter as a PDF file,
  • images of each page,
  • the text from the Newsletter,
  • the question page separately, to print and bring with your comments.

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Dear everyone,

What a long time it has been since we have had contact with you – all the way through COVID (the first lockdown happened just before our AGM in April 2020). And now, in addition to the troubling events of the last two years, there is a terrible war taking place in Ukraine and our fuel bills, rents and food prices are rising alarmingly. It is a hard time for many of us – and

on a local level, for several months most of us have only had one of our three ward councillors available to help us with any of the problems we are facing.

So it’s all the more important for us residents to stay in touch, to try and help each other where we can. Many of you will be new to the neighbourhood and we have lost some (sadly some have died and others moved house).

This newsletter comes to all of you living in one of the streets in our area
(Platt Claremont Residents Association – PCRA)

As a residents group we exist to

  • Help sort problems – like anti- social neighbours, rubbish and fly-tipping on streets and alleyways, dangerous driving, burglaries, residents parking
  • Support new things you would like to do together to improve your streets – like alleyway gardens, calmer streets, cycling and walking routes, food banks, actions to lower our carbon use
  • Give you information about events, courses and activities coming up locally – especially free ones that you may be interested in.


We would like you to THINK how far you as a household have to go for the necessary things in your daily lives. Please look at the list below and think how many of each of these you can reach from your home by walking, or bike or bus within 20 minutes …. you may use a car because it is easier, but we want to know what is possible to do without a car

If you have a moment, please write your answer to each. By collecting this information from us all, we will see which facilities are missing in Rusholme/Moss Side. This will really help with planning for improved local resources.

• School(s)
• University
• Shopping (food, clothes, toiletries, furniture etc for your home)
• Pharmacy
• Hardware shop
• Doctor
• Dentist
• Sports/keep fit place
• Swimming pool
• Park
• Hair dresser
• Cafes/ Restaurants/ Bars
• Post office
• Post Box/letter box
• Bank
• Garage for car repairs
• Bike repair shop
• Cinema / Theatre/ music venue
Anywhere else you go regularly.

Please complete this Newsletter page for your household and give it to us when you come to the meeting:

Question page from newsletter

Chair: Chris Doyle
Vice Chair: Marissa Burgess Secretary: Anne Tucker
Treasurer: Ulka Gaitonde
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