Platt Claremont Residents Association

About the PCRA

The Platt Claremont Residents Association (PCRA) is a residents’ group in Moss Side.

Our aims are to support local people to improve our neighbourhood. We do this directly ourselves, and by lobbying the council and other bodies to undertake improvements and solve problems.

PCRA members live in the Moss Side streets between Platt Lane and Claremont Road, between Victory Street and Yew Tree Road. We also include Brockley, Rosford, Watford, Dorset, Dalton and Carlton avenues, Brompton, Horton and Thornton roads, and Fleeson, Hibbert, Rasvensdale, Viscount and Eva streets. This totals around 1600 houses.

See our April 2022 Newsletter

Join us at our AGM on April 23rd 11am.

What does the PCRA do?

We pick up problems and issues faced by residents across the area, to deal with them together, and when necessary to pass them on to the appropriate officers to find solutions.

We work closely with neighbourhood officers from the ward and with our elected Moss Side Councillors.

We also co-run a number of projects across our area. These projects are bigger than just us, but we play a key role in them and many participants come from our streets:

  • Upping It is an alley-greening programme, working with and led by residents living either side of each alleyway.
  • Moss Side 1.5° is a group of projects that connect with the climate emergency. It aims to encourage ways to lower our carbon use in our homes, travel and daily lives, drive down air pollution, improve health and wellbeing, and lessen fuel and food poverty.
  • Rubbish and recycling. We are encouraging all residents to recycle properly, report fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour, and share litter picking and other measures to improve the look of our streets and alleys.
  • Traffic calming. Together we report speeding vehicles, plan street closure days for events, urge road improvements and resurfacing, and suggest permanent one way streets, road closures and calm ‘school streets’.

Why are Residents’ Associations important?

Residents’ associations can help to link people living in the same geographical area. RAs help to keep us all connected and working together as we push for improvements. As always, we are stronger and more effective together.

  • It can be a lonely and isolating business moving onto a street if there is no welcoming committee. How do you meet people, build trust, build collaboration, and make friends?
  • How can we make our streets and our alleys cleaner and safer for us to enjoy and our children to play in?
  • How do you deal with a noisy neighbour? What do you do when neighbours throw nappies in the alley? How do you maintain trust and cooperation when disagreements and anti-social things happen?
  • How do you report an absent landlord who does nothing to keep their house in good condition, and leaves everyone else to clean up?
  • How do you access local services? How do you get help when you need it? What services have other people found useful, and what improvements do we need to ask for?

PCRA meetings

Before Covid we met up regularly and used to have between 30 and 50 attend our meetings. They are held at the Trinity House Community Centre on a weekday evening.

Once a year we would hold a big public meeting for all residents, with a special activity – either a guest speaker or a project for us to work on.

We have a large email group of residents who are contacted before each meeting (with an agenda, minutes of the last meeting and a finance report).

For the big Saturday meeting (Annual General Meeting AGM) we leafletted every house, hoping to catch people who had not found us during the year.

Get involved with the PCRA

Contact the PCRA

Contact the PCRA to receive the agenda before our meetings, and occasional news of local interest and concern in our area.

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