Support with cost of living for older people

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The Age Friendly Manchester monthly bulletin for September 2022 recommends:

Check you are getting all you are entitled to on the ‘Help for older people’ page on the Manchester City Council website.  It lists what you can and can’t claim for when you reach state pension age.

It’s going to be a tough winter and we’re encouraging everyone to ask their older friends and family if they have checked they are getting all they are entitled to. 

We know so many older people are missing out on vital income because they don’t realise they are eligible. For Pension Credit alone, around 7,500 Manchester residents could be getting on average an extra £78 per week.

And if you can claim Pension Credit, then you could also be eligible for help with housing costs, Council Tax reduction and a free TV licence if you’re over 75.

‘Help for Older People’ – Manchester City Council

If you’d rather speak to someone, call Independent Age 0800 319 6789

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