New Nature For Health Sessions

Sow the City has just relaunched our Nature for Health project – gardening on prescription for Manchester residents. Anyone in Manchester that is struggling with mental ill health/ social isolation can access this service through Sow the City.

Please see attached information with where/ when we are running sessions this summer and how you can refer or self-refer someone onto the programme. You can also follow this link and it will take you directly to our referral form.  All participants will attend 6 x 2 hour sessions with our trained horticultural therapists.


Sow the City is a Manchester based social enterprise with expertise in providing nature-based activities and horticultural therapy for disadvantaged communities in Manchester. There is abundant evidence that exposure to green and blue space is associated with mental health benefits at both population level and in individuals. For our independently evaluated NHS England funded GSP programme 2021-23 we found that 73% of participants strongly agree that the sessions were good for their wellbeing.

Our ‘Green Social Prescribing’ (GSP) programme is now funded by Greater Manchester Integrated Care System.

For more information or to book bespoke sessions for your groups feel free to get in touch with the project link worker –  gro.yticehtwos@arual 0161 465 6954

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